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About Me

Hello!  I’m Teresa Porter, a keynote speaker, writer and photographer from Cary, NC.  From TEDx to Huffington Post, Rolling Stone and the standup comedy stage at Goodnights everything I do is about encouraging the best in you and your business while making you laugh.


I’m Teresa Porter, Let’s Be Friends.

For ten years my love has been my photography business – My Friend Teresa Studios.  The silly name shows where I started; a small side-hustle where friends would say “you should call my friend, Teresa” .  Now, the business just celebrated over 1 million in sales.

While there has always been a camera, my favorite instrument of inspiration is words.  From stand-up comedy, to motivational speaking, and every blog post in between I want my words to do what my camera does . . . bring you joy and show you (and the whole world) how awesome you are.

It takes courage to go for it and guts to keep it going.  I want to be your friend Teresa, the one who sees in you what you can’t see in yourself and encourages you to be great.

You might be laughing or crying (or laughing and crying) but no matter what, you’ll be thrilled to tears.


Photographs Created

Times I've Watched "The Office"

Cups of Coffee

Portraits on Canvas this year

“People are just as wonderful as sunsets, if you let them be.  I don’t try to control a sunset.  I watch in awe as it unfolds.” – Carl Rogers

My Skills

With my camera I show people what makes them beautiful and adored.  With words, whether speaking or writing I do the same.  My job is to help you show the world how awesome you are.